Matei Ladea

SME Investor | M&A Expert | CEO and CMO

Entrepreneur and manager, I've started out in private business at 24, in a German corporation as South-East European Junior Manager, after working in the German Bundestag and a few NGOs.

I've closed my first independent M&A deal at 26, also raising capital from private investors. I'm proud to say that ever since I've founded a few projects which I've raised to stand alone, some of which I still hold and coordinate strategically.

I've graduated in Romania and Germany having studied political science and law. I always try to understand the philosophy that drives a business so that I can see its intrinsic social value, namely the intersection of its economic performance and the social valor it brings. I am especially preoccupied of generating systems that drive efficiency in communicating with customers, suppliers and investors, reaching the best outcomes with neglectable investments. Among my passions I count personal branding in business and evaluating the interdependent relationships between fundamental business value and speculative or perceived value.

I invest in both entrepreneurial endeavors and established businesses, lately focusing on Crypto, Metaverse, Decentralized Finance and Non-Fungible Tokens.

Guided by procedures and work protocols, I look for SMEs retailing EUR 500K to EUR 50mil, which, as an investor or adviser, I can help grow, turnaround or exit.